Zowel het bouwteam als de mensen van de Ekwendeni Hospital Malawi kijken uit naar de samenwerking bij het renoveren van het ziekenhuis. De directrice, Jessie Mughogho Chihana, stelt zich graag aan u voor. Ze bedankt Cypressa in haar brief voor de steun bij het renoveren van de vrouwen- en mannenzaal en de zustershuizen. Lees hier haar brief.

Directeur Ekwendeni Mission Hospital

Directrice Jessie Mughogho

Over Jessie Mughogho Chihana
My name is Jessie Mughogho Chihana. I was born on the 31st December 1970 so am 45 years old. My mother and father both passed on. I have two sisters and 5 other siblings from same father but different mother.

I am married to Peter Chihana who is a teacher at PACHICHI Secondary School in Rumphi, he has a masters in Business Studies.
We have two children of our own and 5 other children from extended family we take care of.

I went to Phwezi Secondary School in Rumphi and was selected to Chancellor College, Zomba, Malawi to do Bachelor of Science where I majored in Mathematics and chemistry and got a Bachelor of Science in 1994. I applied to do medicine In Blantyre Malawi which I did from 1995 to 2000 and got my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Then I did my internship from 2001 to 2002 in Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I joined Ekwendeni Mission Hospital on 1st July 2002 as a medical officer. In 2007 February I went for studies in Cape Town where I did Obstetrics and Gynaecology and graduated in 2012 as Fellow in Obstetrics and Gynaecologist.
I came back to Ekwendeni same year 2012 as now a Chief Medical Officer in charge. Am at P 5 because am at a Mission Hospital. The establishment ends there while my friends in Government are at P4 and P2. But due to service to God I have to continue serving.
Am serving as a Hospital Director which is very charging due to my specialty as a Gynaecologist, the deal is that 70% of the time I should do clinical work and 30% management because of all the supporters I have in administration. There is always time challenges for me.

My duties in the wards are to review all patients who have gynaecological conditions and also Obstetric complications and other referrals as a general. I also operate and do gynaecological clinic and supervise other clinics in the hospital.
The administrative functions include Supervising Health centres, resource mobilisation, managing administrative functions like authorising, providing balances and checks to our daily operations. Making sure that management meetings and drug committee meetings are happening. Supervising and on job training to health workers just to mention a few.

Mannenzaal, toen er afgelopen jaar veel malariapatiënten waren.

Mannenzaal, toen er afgelopen jaar veel malariapatiënten waren.

Dankwoord van het ziekenhuis
I really want to thank Cypressa for the support you are giving us in renovation of the male and female wards that will help not only the population in Ekwendeni which is about 75000 but also the referral community. The wards look like halls now not even motivating to patients. You undress them when you want to examine them but all eyes are looking and wondering what is happening, no confidentiality, no privacy and yet now with all the litigations happening this could also create a problem for the hospital. The electricity system, water system of the wards is not up to date they are too old. The structure itself is old and the sister’s offices and treatment rooms are too tiny. The toilets are also not up to date. We also mix patients who are post operative and those coughing, which most time leads to cross infection between patients

So the renovations will give the wards a new look and will help in sanitation, privacy and confidentiality and good working place for the staff. I went to Scotland in June 2016 and saw how decent the hospitals are there and I just said we are still a long way to go but God is helping us through Cypressa to make things much better for patients and health staff.

The nurse’s houses will help very much in that currently we have few staff houses and most of them need to be renovated because they are in a bad state. This will help motivate nurses and will lead to high retention rate.

Therefore with the above words the management of Ekwendeni Hospital appreciate very much for the work you are doing for us. This is lifting our souls.

We look forward to your visit in September 2016.

May the Lord richly bless you,


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